Friday, June 10, 2011

duo blogger's debut

Hey everyone.

How many emails have you received trying to motivate you into believing that the present government is building a quicksand pit large enough to swallow all of Malaysia?

How many politicians have used jargons to attempt at fooling you into thinking they are planning to do better in the next ruling term?

How many people have talked to you about a change but have no idea what the change might be?

Im going to try and break the cycle here. The following are my suggestions on what systemic changes Malaysia needs to actually change from the roots of some of the problems we have. Please note that i do not, in no way, claim to be all encompassing in my topic mentions.

I like education as a topic because i just came out of it haha. So this is where I’ll start. Do you know that feeling when you’re doing an assignment and you wonder why its so juvenile? For starters, it IS juvenile. Some things we learn in college are so simple we could’ve learned it years before. As a result, doing them at the age of 19 or 20 feels like we’re wasting time on a simple but tedious piece of shit. One of these things is basic HTML programming. I remember having a computer class in Form 1 where the teacher (bless his soul) made us do a bit of programming. It was FUN. When i had to do it in college it was just stupid. Seriously, if a Form 2 kid can do enough research online to do fancy stuff on a personal blog, im pretty sure secondary school students wouldn’t mind the convenience of learning it in school; its a waaay more useful skill than memorising growth sequences of a plant anyway.

What about basic referencing? Ever got a low grade in tertiary just because you didn’t know there was supposed to be an extra comma there? Well thats coz we’re not used to referencing! And you know what? We could’ve benefitted from this even during secondary education. It would encourage us to read something other than lies from the history textbook. It would encourage us to actually think about making a REAL hypothesis instead of conjuring it from memory during chemistry class. It would encourage us to THINK. Im pretty sure it also encourages an inventive streak.

Personally, i think if real leaders are born but need training, average leaders need to be forced into the role to realise that its possible to LEARN leadership. I never wanted to be a leader in scouts but i grew into it just fine. I believe it is the same with political leadership. We need a way to believe that anyone can be a manager. We need to realise that political roles are not difficult and mundane. We need to learn how to see the error in our current politicians’ management and understand how to troubleshoot these things. It is WAY too late to teach management and leadership after we’ve decided on a career we want. These are things we need to aspire to be; BEFORE tertiary education.

Another thing about belief in self is the liberty to take control of what we are doing. Most kids want their own by the time they get used to puberty; age 13-14. The school system needs to change. There needs to be free subject selection. The science and arts streaming only encourages acceptance of authority. Not a bad thing in any way specifically but it delays self management awakening. It would certainly do a lot of good to mandate schooling until Form5 but give kids an ultimatum of sorts. “Prove that you know what you’re doing now. Show me your strategy in becoming useful in the future. You want to take control? You can but its the same with your whole life; there will always be some rules you cannot break.”

Lets move on to law. The so called ‘bad’ acts are ISA, OSA, PPPA, and whatever else. This list will only expand because they are all the same; they became bad because of misuse, not because they were made bad from the beginning. Its like that phrase they like to put in superhero movies “power is not good or evil; it is just used for good or evil”. Or some similar shit. I cant really remember. All we need to do is to give these damned acts some context. I’ll admit this is not my idea but hey it hasn’t been done. Why not just make some sort of blanket precedent for those entering court with these acts? Something along the lines of “not applicable in arguments relating to or involving plaintiffs and defendants talking about race, religion, or political blame for physical assaults or mental damage incurred.” Easy, no?

Maybe while lawmakers are at it, they can add a clause saying “proof of racial/religious/political motives for damages to persons or assets in any form weighs less than proof of committing the crime of damage”. That way, things like bombing the churches can actually be charged FOR the act of bombing rather than inciting stupid endless debate of why it was done.

Another thing that seems ridiculous is the illegality of gatherings, purportedly for protests and other such nonsense. A gathering should only be deemed illegal if the people damage some property or people. Noise pollution does not count because if it did, all of us with horns in our vehicles should go to jail. If protest gatherings were illegal, why is it legal for policemen and fire trucks to gather? WITH weaponry at that. Just because you have a few badges and a bogus gun license doesn’t mean you’ll win a fight by default; there’s just no such thing. If i recall, the presence of government paid officials is what started the stupid fights with tear gas. Its like putting a fluffy toy in front of a cat and expecting it not to pounce. If anything, those policemen and stupid fire fighters should be arrested for baiting public disturbance.

Ok. I’ve finished explaining my viewpoints for the day. I hope you’ve not only thoroughly enjoyed the read, but also realised the need to have a solution for problems you surely like criticising. =D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Post(23-04-2011)

hey peeps,
sorryyyyy FOR not updating my blog
oh god i totally forgotten about updating GAHHH works lol
ain't that the life :(
oh well loads of things happen since my last post lol

& so is loads of ELF's :)
it's good to see sooo many fans :)
wayyyyy more louder then JB's consert i can say haha :)

anywayyysss :) this blog is going a new direction :)
NOT only will this blog contain K-pop entertainment news but also this blog will updating about food, random stuff & loads more :)
& this time it's run not only by me, but my arts director & also my girlfriend :)
YES you read it right, i ain't single no mores haha :)

as for the the K-pop side, 2AM is coming to malaysia & of course the ever ENERGETIC BIG BANG is making their long awaited return to the malaysian shores & who could forget the sexay & seducing girl group 2NE1 :)

2011 the Korean wave will continue to sweep through Malaysia, Kpop fans be prepared to be busy for the whole year! Following an earlier report by “Sin Chew Entertainment” that Halo Music will bring Big Bang and Se7en to Malaysia this year to meet the fans, 2NE1 will be making their way to Malaysia too.
According to sources, Big Bang and 2NE1 have finalized to come to Malaysia on June 4th where the 5 member group Big Bang and 4 member group 2NE1 will also collaborate to hold a large-scale fan meeting at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium.

It is reported that earlier this year, Jang Geun Suk has released notice through its website on the launching of “Jang Geun Suk 2011 Asia Tour” and has announced schedules for various countries, organizer HS Media has confirmed the tour for Malaysia to be on June 4th. However presently the performing venue and ticket price for Jang Geun Suk Asia Tour Malaysia stop have not been decided yet.
Now that Redstar who is hosting Big Bang and 2NE1′s fan meeting has announced the performing venue and date except for the ticket price, it is not known if there will be any last minute changes to the performances, but if both groups (Jang Geun Suk as well as Big Bang & 2NE1) come to Malaysia to carry out the activities as scheduled, the Kpop fans will certainly be very busy, having to choose between the two.
Redstar’s partner Marctensia is also collecting comments from fans about Big Bang, 2AM and miss A coming to Malaysia on its facebook. It is believed that as long as the response is good, the KPOP concert in plan will come true.

well that's all for now :) but will keep yeah guys updated for more :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the new year

hey guys it's the brand new year , & for us K-pop fans it's a beginning of a crazy year filled :)

by the time, you read this thanks to DIGI K-POP PARTY 2011 , we malaysians have been grazed by B2ST , 4 MINUTE & G.N.A :)
it was originally confirm on 26 march of this year , but they push it early to march 19
but now comes the complicated part as it clashes with the MYASTRO award which is also on march 19 & at the same venue , so it is a question of who gets it first as the date for the tickets release hasn't been announced yet & last minute arrangement would spark a frenzy in getting the tickets

& there are also rumours that SUper Junior might cancel the malaysia trip all together
so ELP's please bring your hands together & pray they don't :)

so if all goes to plan , ELP's get your light blue sticks on & keep on the waving on march 19 to welcome back our Super Junior onto our malaysian shore to welcome Super Show 3 :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

K-POP update ( 8/10/2010)

here are some of the pics :)

the first would be YOU bet cha it's SISTAR
and the last 3 would be MISS A
P.S: nickhun is one lucky guy :)

K-POP update ( 8/10/2010)

New Korean Girl bands are storming this season , with the rise of newcomers SISTAR from Starship Entertainment and also MISS A from JYP :) and also a good year for 4 minute fans (like myself) because of so many interesting songs like HUH from their 2nd album and of course their addictive SUPERSTAR dance moves :)

New girl group from Starship Entertainment SISTAR (씨스타) is set for a singing debut on June 4th on Music Bank. SISTAR has so far done a lot of CFs and debuted in Ceci Magazine recently.

Their first Single Album "Push Push" is to release this June 3rd after 2 years in training. The song itself is produeced by the Brave Brothers and the what impressed me is the whole album is also produced by hit-makers Shinsadong Tiger (4Minute, B2ST, T-ara), E-Tribe (LeeHyori) and Cho YongSoo (Seeya, Dynamic Duo).

SISTAR's name means Sistar and Star. They are meant to be sisters in the entertainment business and become big stars. Spawning a very bright colorful and cheery concept. All four of the girls are very lanky have attractive bodies and are said to have great dance as well as vocal skills. Starship Empire says, "SISTAR is a girl group who has skill and style with their eccentric music, choreography and fashion. They will create a new culture code as they will be a style icon to the range of 10-20."

JYP Entertainment’s highly anticipated new girl group miss A is finally set to debut! Although it’s not certain if it’ll be a new song or album that they’ll debut with, the date is set for July 1st. This will be JYP Entertainment’s first girl group to debut since the Wonder Girls.

Lim who is currently a part of the Wonder Girls was set to debut with the group but instead, a trainee who’s been with JYP for more than 7 years, Min has joined the group.

“JYP Entertainment revealed on 23rd June, “New group miss A will debut under our sub-label AQ Entertainment in early July.”

Already before their debut, miss A has been chosen as model for Samsung Anycall advertisement in China. The members of the group consist of Fei, Jia Suzy and Min (who has been receiving training in JYP Entertainment for more than 7 years.”

The girls are talented in areas like singing and dancing as well as languages. For their activities, they will be promoting in the Asian music market with Korea and China markets as their main focus.”

2PM’s Nichkhun recently tweeted the following, “With miss A after Tory Burch launching show!!!! Expect the unexpected from these young lady-beasts!” with a picture of the girls.

2AM’s Jokwon said, “Miss-A. Fei & Jia & Suzy & …..Min !! Coming soon !!”

Wonder Girls leader Sun said, “July 1st, 2010 The girls I’m anticipating..^^ cheering for u guys! Go and show them what u’ve got! Miss A!!!!”

well the year is heading for the close but never fear K-POP fans , there is more to come :)

credits to sunny kim and zeezi for the info :)

K-POP update ( 8/10/2010)

kay guys, sorry for the lack of update haha xP been working my ass off this past 3 months soooo hope you guys forgive me :)

ok as you all know , Super Junior is having a Super Junior Super Show 3 which has been announced.

With the release of their fourth album, the boys of Super Junior are also back for another Super Show that will take place this fall!

According to a representative from SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s 3rd Asia Tour, Super Show 3, is set to begin during August in Seoul.

After their concerts in Seoul, Super Junior plans to stop in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila for concerts. There will be a total of 16 concerts in 13 cities.

Ticket sales will begin at 8 PM on June 17th, on the online store G-market:

Now if only Super Junior held concerts all over the world…wouldn’t that be nice?

as for the ELF's of malaysia, the ticket release date hasn't been release yet, but as usual do check out Sungai Wang as there was where the Super Show 2 tickets was sold soo keep yourself updated as you won't wanna be the person missing Super Show 3 and also for those fans who missed out on Super Show 2 , it is another chance for you guys to catch our BONAMANA's mania Super Junior :) As for the venue , it was rumoured that the concert would be held at Sarawak but the chances are they will held the concert back at Stadium Bukit Jalil since the venue is big enough :)

so Stay tuned guys for further updates :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


7th july 2010

Two weeks have passed since DSP Media said they would release the MV for SS501’s Let Me Be The One.

And finally on July 7th, DSP Media has released the MV through GomTV. The song is a favourite of many Triple S and they will no doubt grow to treasure the MV which contains footage from their debut to SS501’s Love Ya activities, like a history video.